Yoga and Wine

Yoga and Wine is a wonderful way to bring relaxation and rejuvenation to winery costumers. Our yoga classes has it all music, moves for all levels of fitness and a relaxed element that draws groups of people to the winery for this event. After the participants finish melting away their stress, they can end the event with a glass of one of your best wines.

Nothing starts your day better than relaxing yoga and a glass of wine. Unwind with a basic yoga class for all fitness levels with Candace. After class, please stay at the vineyard and enjoy a glass of wine.

Contact us for information on having an event at your location. We would love to have the opportunity to partner with you to plan a Yoga and Wine event for an awesome customer experience.

Fit By Benns tickets for events are available through EventBright by click on the link:  Yoga and Wine Tickets