J’s Fit Boot Camp @ Hopewell Community Center

Thursday, February 23rd was an awesome high energy class of 12 participants.  We had a wide range of participants with ages from 10 all the way up through 70 years young.  I decided to try something new since I had a sizable group.

The class design breakdown consisted of the following format:

  • Warm-up
  • Upper/Lower Body HIT
  • Cardio
  • Core
  • Cool down
  • After the warm-up, I took them through a series of 7 exercises with the aerobic step being the main point of focus.  The group went through each exercise in a 1:00/:30 second interval (1:00 on :30 off).  The step routine was a mix of upper body and lower body movements for a HIT full body flow.

    The cardio routine was a shuttle run the full length of the basketball court.  I had the participants go down and back.  I always remind the group to go at their own pace and not worry about what the person to the left of right of them is doing.  Always take breaks if needed. The final segment was all for the core.  I took the group through 7 core  focused movements appropriate for the group while on a :30/:30 interval.


    Overall the class went really well.  I was really proud of the group.  I ran them through a challenging routine and they stepped up to the challenge.  I hope to see everyone back next week.

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